Installing with Z-Wave support on a RaspberryPi


Two awesome apps for everyday use

For the last month or so, I’ve been using two great apps that have changed by habits for the better:

Stressed about model tests hitting the database in Rails 4.2? Here's the solution

Disclaimer: this is more of a rant and a story about a lack of solution than it is a actual how-to. If you’re looking for answers, you will only have more questions at the end of this.

How to triage bad SOLR indexing models


Installing weighttp on Linux Mint 17 (or Ubuntu 14.04)

I wanted to do some load impact tests on one of the apps I’m currently working on and I read about weighttp. Unfortunately the instructions on the git repo as well as some other placed left out a crucial piece of information, I got:

Windows is terrible

It used to be that when commiting to a Linux distribution on a new machine, you just knew that you would substantially level up your knowledge about the inner workings of operating systems, device drivers and programming languages.

Building Stepmania from Source on Ubuntu

Just a reminder for the next time I need to build Stepmania from source.


Just a quick update

How to copy a heroku database between enviroments (apps)

Lets say you have two enviroments running as Heroku apps. These will be the stage and production enviroments accordingly:

A simple and dependable multi-room audio setup

The need