This a a simple process, which I believe is one of the most potent tools to help you know yourself better. I made a goal to list and order my values, while my ultimate goal was to make a memo of the values I have and the kind of person they make me.

I went about it the following way:

  1. Took a pretty comprehensive list of values from here.
  2. Copied into text editor.
  3. Pruned the lines that had little meaning to me or the values were those that I knew would be at the bottom of the list.
  4. Grouped the words conveying similiar meaning (ie. Energy, Enthusiasm, Exhilaration, Exuberance, Proactivity, Zeal). You can find my list of value groups here, which will probably be a good start because the full list is a bit daunting.
  5. Graded all the 33 values (value groups) with a score of 0-9.
  6. In the groups of values scored the same, I added another integer to prioritize in these groups, starting at 9 for the most significant adding it to the end.
  7. You end up with a list of 33 lines with each of them given an importance of 1-99. These cannot overlap.

This will take you 5–30 minutes depending of how serious you are about it. What you end up it is a list of what you want to be important and present in you life. Print out the top half of that list and post it on the mirror.

It this seems useful to you, I would urge you to go back on the process monthly, preferably switching out my list from pt 4 to your very own.

Good luck!