It used to be that when committing to a Linux distribution on a new machine, you just knew that you would substantially level up your knowledge about the inner workings of operating systems, device drivers and programming languages.

Any new install was usually followed by fixing driver issues, configuration problems, package dependencies etc etc. About 5 - 10 years ago, installing even the most user friendly Linux distributions was

a painful chore an educational opportunity


Today, the honour of most troublesome OS, in my experience goes to Windows. I’ve had numerous:

  • hard freezes,
  • driver issues,
  • hardware incompatibilities,
  • software problems.

I’m appaled that I would actually have to pay for this operating system. The one I have (Windows 8) came with my laptop and I only use it to run some games. Thankfully, there is less and less need for that as more and more developers create the games to be available under Linux.