A quick way to figure out your values

This a a simple process, which I believe is one of the most potent tools to help you know yourself better. I made a goal to list and order my values, while my ultimate goal was to make a memo of the values I have and the kind of person... [Read More]

Amazed by the universe

Look at this picture. This is the Pinwheel Galaxy, it it thought to contain a trillion star systems (1000000000000). The almost 16000×16000 image you’re looking at however does not show this in full. [Read More]

Skyrim - a wonderful, flawed game

Following a long overdue workstation change and a following GPU upgrade to the GTX 670, I’ve started playing a game that has long been on my “to play” list, but to date, I didn’t have the hardware to play it. [Read More]
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